Welcome to Eve's beauty garden

Travel, modern metropolies, exotic islands, perfumes, creams, love of beauty and desire for a life full of thrills. In short, All about Eve.

In 2006 we started our journey in the field of cosmetics after a trip to Los Angeles. There, we got to know the beloved get fresh body products and we became their sole distributor in Greece.

New York came next and a visit to the Mario Badescu spa in Manhattan. The face and body cosmetics of the Hollywood stars became our next choice.

Next stops, London with its beautiful i love cosmetics, Hamburg with the intoxicating perfumes of Linari, and finally, the exotic Tahiti and the incredible body products of Monoi Tiki Tahiti.

Our philosophy is to choose products that we are really crazy about. Products that we would like to use every day, as well as our people, the people who we love and care about. Our best friends, our mom, our beloved aunt, our sister, all those women who make our lives special.

Above all, though, we love to introduce you products that they deliver what they promise: Make us even more beautiful, shiny and healthy to continue our journey in a hard, easy, challenging, full of emotions, wonderful life.